Full Moon Ritual: Healing with the Waters

English version voice of Lady Calypso Questell

The Lady of the Waters Shrine invites you to perform the following Waters Healing ritual every full
Moon. During the Full Moon we can connect its energies fully, and through them, connect with the
energies of the sea. It is an ideal time to work on personal healing and also contribute to the
healing of the planet’s waters.

To heal humanity is to heal the Sea
We heal together
If the waters flow, humans flow
If not, we stagnate like waters in a dam
Let’s be free like the waves of the sea
Let’s return the water flow to the sea.

To heal, we must connect with our inner waters, identify our shadows. Once we have identified them,
we can work on them from love. That way we can empower ourselves and move forward. We are living
in times of change, as human beings we must connect with the source in order to move forward…
healthily; to help in the healing of the planet, of our being, of existence itself, regain power, heal

Materials for the Ritual:

Bowl with sea water (or other)
Bowl with sand of the sea (or other)
Image of the Goddess of the sea
White or a light blue candle
Candle for the Great Mother of the sea
Paper and a pencil
Some elements of connection with the sea

Before performing the ritual, we recommend cleaning the physical and energetic space, as you usually
do; and prepare your energies by doing any kind exercise that allows you to release excess energy. You
can perform the «Cleaning with the Moon», which you will find attached.

Cast a circle and call the elemental quarters, as you usually do and then you will be ready to begin.

The first thing will be to invoke the Deity. For this ritual we will invoke the Goddess of the Sea. You
can choose the Goddess of the sea, with whom you feel most identified.
Raise your arms and say:

“Oh! Great Mother of the Sea, giver of life and abundance, Nurturing Mother, Guardian of the great
treasures of the sea I invoke you in this Full Moon, moment of greater clarity
To bring light to my internal waters, to my dark and secret waters
I offer you my love and devotion,
I bid you hail and welcome!

Then say:

“I have come tonight to meet you,
to meet myself and my internal waters. Show me the mysteries that you keep in your sacred chest. I am
the holder of the key, allow me to open the chest, and receive your blessings.”

Personal Healing:
For this Act of Power you may start by closing your eyes, or you may wish to leave them open, do so
in the way that is easiest for you to visualize. (The following meditation is attached)

Healing of the Waters of the Planet:

Now that you have worked on your personal healing, you can work on healing the waters of the
planet. Say:

Healing Humanity, goes hand in hand with the Healing of the Waters of the Planet
We heal together and together
If the waters flow, humans flow
If not, we stagnate like waters in a dam
Let’s be free like the waves of the Sea

Light your light blue candle, close your eyes and begin to visualize all the waters you know. Those
that you have visited on some occasion, those that are present in your city, those that are in your
environment. How do you feel their energies? Reflect on it for a moment. The waters that are free,
in lonely places with few human presence, are waters filled with energy, their power is felt, the
presences of natural spirits are felt. While the waters of cities, polluted rivers or overcrowded
beaches… How do you feel their energies? They feel weak and worn.

Begin to visualize all the waters with weak or polluted energies that you have ever seen in your
life. Bring to your memory those moments, those images. Little by little begin to transform those

From polluted waters to cleansed waters, from weak energies to very strong ones. Take one memory
or an image one a time, and begin to imagine that they begin to heal, the waters begin to release and
flow healthy again. The Great Mother of the Sea happily observes those images and helps you with
her healing waters to reestablish their flow.

She now she opens her eyes again and perform the following prayer, by candlelight:

This Full Moon Night, I pray for the sea
River, lake and glacier
I pray for the suffering waters
The sad waters
Wounded waters, stagnant waters, imprisoned and polluted
I pray that the natural flow of life is restored
Heal and purify
With the Powers of the Great Mother of the Sea
By my will, so mote it be!

Then take a chalice or glass between your hands, visualizing how the divine energy of the Great
Mother of the Sea, enters your glass and the liquid it contains, radiating its beautiful light from
inside the glass outwards, in all directions.

“Behold, in the name of the Great Goddess of the Sea, may this cup of love be blessed. So mote it

Now bless the cookies. Direct the Divine energy onto the plate of cookies, again visualizing how a
white light fills the plate, shining like a sun within. Say something like:

“Behold, in the name of the Great Goddess of the Sea, may this product of Earth be blessed. So
mote it be!»

Consume some of the drink and cookies.
Then say goodbye and thank the Great Mother of the Sea

«Oh! Great Mother of the Sea, Lady of the Cosmic Tides,
Thank you for showing me your secrets and enlightening me with your great light
I pray that you are next to me and help me to move forward,
To be able to advance in my internal knowledge and healing of my being.
We appreciate your presence and your help tonight, and at all times
I offer you my love and respect!
And I bit you Hail and Farewell!»

Finally, thank and dismiss the elemental guardians, and proceed to open the circle as you normally
do. Clear and release any excess energy.

Ritual: Rev. Morgana Wind of the Sea ~
Lady of the Waters Shrine

Translation and voice:
Full Moon Ritual Lady Calypso Questell ~